Second Graders Use KidRex, Popplet & Haiku Deck for Presidents Biography Project

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the West Main second graders started their online research on U.S. Presidents for their biography writing project. The students are using the KidRex search engine for their online research. KidRex is designed to be a safe and user-friendly search engine for young students. The KidRex search engine is powered by Google Custom Search™ and uses Google SafeSearch™ technology so that it leads students to content-safe and developmentally appropriate web pages.
Google’s SafeSearch™ filters are able to check keywords, phrases, and URLs to screen for web pages that contain inappropriate content and delete them from the child’s search results. Although no filter is 100 percent accurate, Google SafeSearch™ should eliminate most inappropriate material. Additional tips and resources for keeping young children safe while online can be accessed at the website for KidRex’s Tips for Online Safety ( and at the website for Google’s SafeSearch™ (
The students organized their research facts by creating a concept map of their findings using the Popplet app. Mrs. Frabotta created a sample Popplet to provide the students with an example of how to format their own concept map and add the important facts related to their president. Once the students completed their online research, they were introduced to Haiku Deck as a tool for formatting the writing and presentation pieces within their biography project.