Second Graders Use Adobe Slate for Writing Project

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the West Main second graders put the finishing touches on their Adobe Slate writing projects. At the end of last week, the students were introduced to the Adobe Slate tool for a writing project comparing past, present, and future. Adobe Slate is a free tool that allows students to create visual presentations that can be hosted on the web.  Students are able to combine images, text, and links to create the content of their presentation. The tool also offers access to several themes and layouts that can be used for formatting the project. Each completed Adobe Slate project is connected to a URL link allowing for easy sharing via the web.

The Adobe Slate writing project provided students with an opportunity to use digital tools to produce and publish writing and also provided opportunities for engaging students in the revising and editing process. This morning after working on their writing projects, the second graders came back together as a class to review  their classmates projects. Tomorrow students will have the opportunity complete any necessary edits and present their finished projects to the class.