RCET Welcomes Visiting International Scholars to the AT&T Classroom

RCET was so pleased to host visiting scholars from our EHHS Gerald H. Read Center for International and Intercultural Education. During their exploration of tools in the AT&T Classroom, the scholars created a word cloud using AnswerGarden to share their homeland and posted their professional title/position on a Padlet wall. The visit was designed to provide the scholars with an opportunity to learn about current RCET research projects including the National Science Foundation (NSF) ParkApps project, the AT&T SpedApps project, and the MathApps project. The Scholars particularly enjoyed interacting with Boogie Board e-writer devices provided by Kent Displays (KDI) Inc. and hearing about NSF-funded research currently underway at Kent State to study the use of ewriters for emerging literacy, elementary math, and college note-taking. The scholars also had an opportunity to talk with RCET Post-doctoral Research Fellow Dr. Enrico Gandolfi who shared his research on gamification.