Defer Intermediate Students Explore Adobe Slate for Planet Presentations

The Defer Intermediate fifth graders were so excited to welcome their Superintendent Mr. Michael Daulbaugh and Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Aireane Curtis to the AT&T Classroom this afternoon. Mr. Daulbaugh and Mrs. Curtis had an opportunity to see many of the tools the students have been using over the past three weeks and were so impressed with the work of the students and Mrs. Spence. 

Also this afternoon the fifth graders were introduced to Adobe Slate as a tool for use with their planet research project. Adobe Slate ia free tool that allows students to create their visual presentations that can be hosted on the web.  Students are able to combine images, text, and links to create the content of their presentation. The tool also offers access to several themes and layouts that can be used for formatting the project. Each completed Adobe Slate project is connected to a URL link allowing for easy sharing via the web. After a demonstration of the tool, the fifth graders were able to explore the various features of Adobe Slate as a possible tool for creating their research presentation. Adobe Slate is available at no cost as an online tool and as an iOS app.