Defer Intermediate Science Teacher Creates Digital Review Game

Building from the students’ previous investigation of planets and the solar system, Defer Intermediate Science teacher Mrs. Katie Spence created a review assignment for the fifth graders using the Tiny Tap platform. TinyTap is a free app that teachers can use to create interactive lessons, tutorials, and games. Within the app games can be created that include pictures, diagrams, videos, and icons. Once created, students are able to access and play the games on both iOS and Android tablets or in the web browser on their laptops. Mrs. Spence utilized curriculum content that was previously in a worksheet format to create the content of the game. Mrs. Spence found the app to be extremely easy-to-use and was so pleased to observe the high level of engagement among her students as they interacted with the science content. In addition to game-design features, the Tiny Tap. platform offers access to a huge gallery of interactive games and lessons created by K-12 teachers for all areas of the curriculum.