Walls Second Graders Program Games & Animations with Bitsbox

We are so excited to have Mrs. Wilbur and her second graders back with us in the AT&T Classroom to participate in our Hour of Code. The week of Dec. 7-13 marks National Computer Science Education Week and all schools are encouraged to participate in the “Hour of Code”, a global initiative aimed at providing coding and programming experiences to classrooms around the world. Building from the coding lessons that the Walls second graders completed earlier this semester in the AT&T Classroom, this morning the students were introduced to a new programming tool on the laptops. Bitsbox is an online application that runs in a computer browser and displays a virtual tablet on which the user is able to access programming lessons to build simple apps and games in JavaScript.  Once the user has created a game, they are able to use a mobile device such as an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone to scan the QR code associated with their Bitsbox project. They are then able to access their game on that mobile device through the QR code. The challenge used in today’s session are available on the Bitsbox website at no cost  (https://bitsbox.com). Students can log in from home to continue working on the projects they started today in the AT&T Classroom. Bitsbox also offers subscription plans that include monthly mailings containing new programming trainings, challenges and projects for children to explore.