Lippman Second Graders Explore STEM Concepts with LEGO WeDo Robotics

We are very excited to welcome second graders from The Lippman School to the AT&T Classroom. The students started their morning by logging in to their Edmodo learning space. The Edmodo platform is a Web 2.0 tool that allows teachers and students to communicate and collaborate online, share content, access homework and assignments and participate in online discussions in a safe environment. The second graders are using their Edmodo community has a blog space where they can reply to writing prompts posted by their teacher. After drafting their posts, the class comes back together as a group and shares their responses projected on the Apple TV and presentation screen.  The term Blog is short for Web Log and refers to an online space where a user can share information by posting text, images, audio, or video. Providing opportunities for students to “blog” allows children to further develop their literacy skills while also providing them with authentic writing experiences. 


Over the next week, the second graders will be using the LEGO WeDo Robotics system to focus on STEM concepts.  The LEGO WeDo Robotics system combines traditional LEGO bricks with programming software to introduce the basic elements of coding to young children.  The students were introduced to the initial levels of the  LEGO WeDo Robotics system when they visited the AT&T Classroom as first graders in the Fall of 2014. This week the second graders will explore strategies for building and programming to create increasingly complex LEGO models. This morning the students reviewed the LEGO WeDo system, the drag-and-drop software, and the various tools and pieces they will be using to create the project models before beginning their first project.  Each day the students will also be capturing digital photos of their work and will create a digital collage documenting the progress of their builds.