Rootstown Second Graders Present Reader's Theater

As part of their literacy block, the Rootstown second graders have been working on a Readers’ Theater project. When conducting a Reader’s Theater, students “perform” by reading scripts created from books or stories and usually do so with minimal or no costumes or props.
Reader’s Theater is a literacy strategy that is designed to provide students with oral reading practice to improve reading fluency and strengthen comprehension. The strategy also provides opportunities for students to explore various genre and characterization. It can also be a useful strategy for helping readers to learn to read aloud with expression as a Reader’s Theater is often performed without prompts so the readers learn that the expression in their voices needs to convey the drama and tone of the story. The Rootstown second graders have been working in small groups on Readers’ Theater productions which have been captured in iMovie. This morning in the AT&T Classroom the groups began presenting their Reader’s Theater productions and will continue to do so across the week. Bravo second graders!