Rootstown Second Graders Explore Haiku Deck & Sheppard Software

The Rootstown second graders had a busy morning with their Daily 5 block and their math work with coins. Also this morning as a follow-up to yesterday’s field trip to the meadow, the students were introduced to Haiku Deck for a writing project they will be creating using photos taken on the field trip.  Haiku Deck is a free presentation application for PCs and iPads. The tool’s interface allows students to select themes, backgrounds and add text in various fonts. The tool provides access to a wide selection of photographs in the gallery or students can use photos uploaded from the iPad camera roll, computer or from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or Picasa. Finished presentations can be published and shared via Facebook, Twitter or email. This morning the second graders were introduced to the tool and learned how to navigate it’s features to create slides and add written text. The students also spent some time working with their photos to select a core set of favorite photos that will be the focus of their writing.

During their math block, the students continued working on calculating with coins using manipulatives and an online resource available through the Sheppard Software website. The Sheppard Software site offers access to hundreds of free educational games related to a variety of topics and concepts for math, science, social studies and reading. This morning the second graders used an interactive matching game on the Sheppard Software site to practice calculating coin values

Resources for practice with money and coins can be accessed at the Sheppard Software site at the following URL: