Rootstown Second Graders Create Digital Writing Projects & Animations

The Rootstown second graders had a busy morning on their last day in the AT&T Classroom. The second graders started their morning using ABCya Story Maker for a writing assignment. ABCya Story Maker is a free web-based tool that students can use to draw pictures and then write text to describe their scene and create a story. ABCya Story Maker offers a variety of drawing tools that can be used for creating the pictures. Story projects can encompass one page or multiple pages. Finished story projects can be printed and saved. This morning the second graders used ABCya Story Maker to respond to a writing prompt regarding their favorite part of the AT&T Classroom.

Later this morning the second graders used PicCollage to create collages about what they are most thankful for on this Thanksgiving.  Students first used the QR code scanner on their iPads to download a cornucopia image to use as their background. The students then used the PicCollage app to add descriptive words, images and stickers to build their Thanksgiving collages.


The students also had their final coding session this morning and were introduced to Hopscotch, an iOS app designed to teach students the basic elements of coding and programming. By manipulating simple drag and drop blocks, Hopscotch introduces young children to fundamental programming concepts such as sequencing, abstraction, values and conditionals. The app allows children to sequence code to create simple games, animations, and art.