Lakeview Fifth Graders Use Google Classroom and Educreations to Solve Math Problems

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the Lakeview 5th graders used the Stream feature in Google Classroom for math practice.  Google Classroom is a learning platform designed to provide a safe digital learning space where teachers and students can communicate and share content.  The Stream feature within Google Classroom allows the teacher to share assignments with students and also allows teachers and students to post questions and replies. This afternoon during their math time in the AT&T Classroom Mrs.Beres posted a math problem in the Google Classroom Stream for the students to solve. As a follow-up to the math problem, students also created their own math story problem to post to the Stream.

The students also used Educreations as a platform for math and as a presentation tool. Educreations  is a free web-based tool that allows the device to record the student’s voice and his/her writing and drawing which can be saved for playback and/or shared online. Educreations can be used to create stories, animations, presentations, note-taking, etc. 

This week the fifth graders used Educreations as a presentation tool for sharing the photos from their campus walk and as a whiteboard for solving math problems. To share their photos, students selected images from their camera roll and then used the writing tools to describe the photo and the microphone to record voiceover narration for their photo slide show. During math, the students used the drawing tools for calculating and writing the solution and then used the app’s microphone to record themselves explaining their process for solving the problem. Students’ finished work is saved to an online account that the teacher can access later for review.