Second Graders Practice Coin Values and Counting with Amazing Coin

Building from last week’s story-of-the-week, the Woodland first graders further explored the concept of bullying today using resources on the BrainPop Jr. website. BrainPop Jr is an online resource site that offers animated video content, games and assessments related to a variety of curricular topics designed specifically for grades K-3. This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the students viewed a video on the BrainPop Jr. website that focused on the topic of bullying. After watching the video students could select from several extension activities on the website building from the story theme including a writing activity, a drawing activity and Word Wall that targeted important vocabulary terms that were addressed in the video. 

During their math time this afternoon, the second graders continued working on money and coin concepts using the Amazing Coin app.  Amazing Coins is a money-skills game that provides students with practice identifying and solving math problems with coins. The game uses engaging undersea graphics within game levels that progress from spelling coin names to making change. The game is designed to teach children how to recognize, count, add, pay and make change with coins. The app is available for free download from the itunes App store and Google Play.