Rootstown Second Graders Use QR Codes to Self-Assess Math Work

This morning during their math time in the AT&T Classroom the second graders continued working with concepts related to telling time. The students used math resources on Brain Pop Jr. to learn about several concepts related to telling time. Each animated tutorial included a short quiz to check students’ understanding of the targeted concepts.  After working with the Brain Pop materials, the students solved a series of math problems focused on telling time using QR Code Reader for iPad to check their work. QR Code Reader for iPad is a free app that enables an iPad to scan and read information attached to the bar code label. This morning the students worked on telling time using math materials that included bar codes. Each student had a series of analog clocks with each clock’s hands set to represent a different time. Students had to read the hands on each clock and determine the correct time for that clock. Students were able to check their work by using the QR Code Reader on their Ipad to scan the clock’s corresponding bar code which revealed the correct answer.