Rootstown Second Graders Use Digital Tools for Common Core Reading & Math

The Rootstown second graders are using a variety of digital tools to support their learning within the Common Core areas of reading and math.
During their Daily 5 block, the students are using two digital tools for Word Work. Glow Draw! is a drawing app available for both iOS and Android devices.  The app allows students to create a fluorescent drawing or writing project. This app offers glowing paint tools that include paint brushes and spray paint cans. The second graders are using Glow Draw! on the iPads for Word Work by using the paint tools to practice writing and spelling words from their spelling lists.
Vocabulary-Spelling City  ( is a web-based tool designed for both classroom instruction and for extended homework practice.  It is a multi-platform tool available for PCs/desktops, Chromebooks, iOS and Android tablets and Kindles. The tool is based on best practices research in education and uses a game-based approach to target important skills for mastering vocabulary terms and spelling rules. Teachers are able to create word lists that students can access for both skill practice and assessment.

During their math block this morning the Rootstown second graders used Kahoot to test their skills related to telling time.  Kahoot is an online classroom-based response system that allows for assessments and quizzes to be administered in a game-like format. Kahoot offers a free interface that teachers can use to create quizzes, surveys and discussions. Students are able to respond to questions and create their own content using any device with a web browser.