Rootstown Second Graders Explore iOS apps for Digital Stories and Math

This morning during their literacy block  in the AT&T Classroom Miss West introduced the Rootstown second graders to Puppet Pals HD, a free iOS app that can be used to create digital stories with animation and voice-over audio. The app offers templates with backgrounds and characters that students can use to create an animated movie with their recorded voice. Puppet Pals HD is a wonderful tool for encouraging students' creative thinking and language skills while also providing an opportunity to focus on the necessary elements to build a story. 

During their math time in the AT&T Classroom the Rootstown second graders were introduced to an iOS tool for practicing their math skills for telling time. Tell Time - Little Matchups Game  is a free interactive game designed to give students practice with telling time on both analog and digital clocks. The Tell Time - Little Matchups Game app is available for free download in the Apps store.