Lakeview Fifth Graders Use Digital Tools to Communicate Science Knowledge

The Lakeview fifth graders had a busy second day in the AT&T Classroom. The class started their afternoon by replying to a science writing prompt posted in the class’s Google Classroom by Mrs. Eddy.   Google Classroom is a learning platform designed to provide a safe digital learning space where teachers and students can communicate and share content. Within Google Classroom, teachers can create an assignment and choose how students complete the assignment (e.g., individually, small groups, whole class). The teacher is able to track who has completed the assignment and who has not and also provide feedback to individual students. Students are able to keep track of what’s due on the Assignments page and access their work from any device with a web browser. The Stream feature within Google Classroom allows the teachers and students to post questions and replies. Mrs. Eddy is using Stream as a collaborative writing space for science. Each day Mrs. Eddy will post a science question or writing prompt in the Stream and the fifth graders will be able to log on and post a reply to the prompts. This afternoon the students also continued working with Popplet to finalize their food chain webs. Each student presented their completed Popplet to their classmates and provided an overview of the circle of life represented by their Popplet. 
Using tools such as Google Classroom and Popplet in science provide important opportunities for students to develop critical scientific literacies  to demonstrate what they know about a concept through speaking, writing, and visual representation.