Lakeview Fifth Graders Build Games and Animations with Tiny Tap and Foos

After designing and creating the content for their digital games on Tuesday, this afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the Lakeview fifth graders built and formatted the games using Tiny Tap on the iPads.  Tiny Tap is a free iOS app that offers a simple platform that teachers, children, and parents can use to create interactive lessons, games, stories, and presentations.  Finished products can be uploaded to the Tiny Tap Market, App Store, Google Play and the Web to be shared and enjoyed by others. To create their games, the students used the templates and stickers provided in the app and then added their own photos, text, and audio voice-over to create each game slide. 

Later this afternoon the fifth graders had their second coding lesson and were introduced to The Foos. Produced by CodeSpark, The Foos curriculum is based on research conducted by MIT and Exploring Computer Science and is designed to facilitate sequential thinking and problem recognition while targeting concepts such as loops, conditionals, commands and parameters. The Foos is multi-platform with free apps available for the Kindle Fire, iOS and Andriod tablets as well as for desktops.