Woodland Second Graders Use ABCya Story Maker for Reflective Writing

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the second graders learned to use ABCya Story Maker for a follow-up writing assignment to the Frog & Toad Alone story. ABCya Story Maker is a free web-based tool that students can use to draw pictures and then write text to describe their scene and create a story. ABCya Story Maker offers a variety of drawing tools that can be used for creating pictures. Story projects can encompass one page or multiple pages. Finished story projects can be printed and saved. 
This afternoon Mrs. Marshall demonstrated for the students all of the features that are available in ABCya Story Maker and then gave them the writing prompt, “My favorite part of Frog & Toad Alone was when…”.  Students used ABCya Story Maker to write their reflection describing their favorite part of the story and used the drawing tools to create a scene to accompany their text.