Walls Second Graders Explore Tools for Digital Story Creation

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the students used two tools for creating digital stories. Both tools are very useful for further developing literacy and language skills and also foster students’ imagination and creativity. 

Imagistory is a free iOS app that provides templates of wordless picture books that students can use to create their own stories by recording and adding their voiceover. Students are also able to capture and insert their own photos into the templates. This morning the second graders used Imagistory during their Daily 5 block for creative writing.

Book Creator is a multi-platform app that students can use to create their own digital interactive books. Students are able to select images, write text, and choose background colors as they create their book. There are also options for adding video and narration to the book. Books can have as many pages as needed with an option to save as you go. Finished books can be saved as PDFs, ebooks, or videos. Finished books can be shared via email and opened in iOS, Android and Windows. 
This morning in the AT&T Classroom Kent State student teacher Miss Abbi Bull led a social studies lesson focusing on family traditions to address curriculum standards related to students’ ability to recognize and describe how people within their community, state, and nation are both similar and different. Miss Bull showed the students how to use Book Creator to create an ebook regarding a family tradition.