Second Graders Welcome Kent State Alumni Office Visitors

It was a busy afternoon in the AT&T Classroom for the Woodland second graders. During their math block, the second graders completed an online assessment on coins created by Mrs. Marshall and posted online in the class Edmodo space. The Edmodo platform includes common core-aligned resources and tools that teachers can use to create online student assessments. 

During their literacy block, the students focused on critical reading skills using the story-of-the-week. After exploring the features of Popplet on Tuesday as a whole class, this afternoon the students worked in pairs using Popplet to create a concept map representing the problem and the solution of the story.  

A highlight of the afternoon was a visit from the Kent State Alumni office who sent three judges to view the students’ decorating work for Kent State Homecoming. On behalf of the class, Mrs. Marshall had two students explain to the visitors the process the second graders followed to create their Kent State PicCollages and then the judges had an opportunity to view all of the students' collages. The judges were so impressed with the students’ work and their Kent State spirit. Go Flashes!