Second Graders Use Zaption for Story-of-the-Week

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom Woodland Elementary teacher Mrs. Danielle Marshall led a reading lesson on this week’s story-of-the-week,  Juice Box Bully. The activity included time for Listen to Reading along with a reading comprehension assessment that Mrs. Marshall created for the second graders using Zaption.
Zaption is a web-based tool that can be used to create interactive opportunities within digital video lessons. Teachers may upload their own video, select from the Zaption library or search for online video content from sites such as YouTube, PBS, National Geographic, etc. Videos can be used in their entirety, trimmed or combined with other videos, slides, or drawings. Teachers can then create and insert questions directly in the video. Questions can encompass several different formats including open responses, multiple choice, and checkbox.  Mrs. Marshall used a YouTube video of the story Juice Box Bully and inserted several reading comprehension questions within the video to check students’ comprehension as they progressed through the story. Mrs. Marshall shared the assignment with the students by posting the lesson link in the class Edmodo group. Zaption analytics allow Mrs. Marshall to access and view each students’ responses once they have completed the assignment. Mrs. Marshall's Juice Box Bully Zaption can be accessed online at