Second Graders Create All-About-Me Popplets

This morning in the AT&T Classroom Mrs. Wilbur introduced Popplet to the students. Popplet is a free tool that can be used to create concept maps. A concept map is a graphical diagram that provides a visual representation of the relationship between concepts. Teachers often use concept maps as a strategy to facilitate students’ critical thinking and their ability to identify and understand similarities and differences among key concepts.  Today Mrs. Wilbur demonstrated to the students how to use Popplet on the iPads to create an All-About-Me concept map. Mrs. Wilbur demonstrated how to create the main bubble that would be the focus of their popplet and then create “popples” (aka bubbles) with descriptive words about him or herself. Once the students had created their Popplets, the class did a gallery walk so that each student could view their classmates’ Popplets. Mrs. Wilbur introduced Popplet and the All-About-Me Activity to prepare the second graders for using Popplet for an upcoming research project.