Day Two in the AT&T Classroom for Walls Second Graders

The Walls second graders started their morning with Vocabulary-Spelling City for practice with this week’s spelling lists. Vocabulary-Spelling City is a web-based tool designed for both classroom instruction and for extended homework practice. It is a multi-platform tool available for PCs/desktops, Chromebooks, iOS and Android tablets and Kindles. The tool is based on best practices research in education and uses a game-based approach to target important skills for mastering vocabulary terms and spelling rules. Teachers are able to create word lists that students can access for both skill
practice and assessment.

The students also went on a campus walk this morning for a digital photography activity.

Using the camera feature on the iPads, the students captured photos of campus sculptures, buildings, flowers, and trees. The students will be using the photos on Wednesday to create a photo collage. Once back in the AT&T Classroom, the students had a lesson on working with the photos in their tablet’s camera roll to prepare for their photo collage project on Wednesday.