Campers Return for Level II - Lego WeDo STEM

We are excited to welcome back participants from our previous Lego WeDo Robotics camps to our first Lego WeDo Robotics STEM Camp.
This week’s camp centers on the Lego WeDo STEM system which builds from the original LEGO WeDo Robotics curriculum to offer kids more advanced STEM activities. The curriculum provides an engaging, open-ended series of elementary STEM activities. The series of six main activities and four problem-solving activities integrates STEM and pre-engineering concepts and applications of science. The STEM activity pack is aligned with Common Core Curriculum Standards so that as kids are engaged in building with the Legos and programming with the software, they are also exploring important concepts and operations for physical science, mathematical thinking, engineering, and technology. 
Today the campers worked on the Carousel project model. By programming the correct coding sequence with the drag and drop software, the builders are able to control the movement of the carousel. This model uses a tilt sensor to enable the builder to set the speed of the carousel by using a simple handle.