Campers Design Digital Media with Animoto, Pottery HD Lite, and Floors

The campers kicked-off their final session of the Animation & Design Tools Camp by producing their own movies using the Animoto app on the iPads. Animoto is a free app that allows the user to turn their photos into video slideshows. The campers really enjoyed capturing photos of one another and the AT&T Classroom and then selected music from the app to add to their slide shows.

The campers also created their own virtual pottery pieces using Let’s Create! Pottery HD Lite.  The app presents a piece of clay spinning on a potter’s wheel from which pieces can be created by moving your finger on the clay to change the height, width, shape, etc.

Later in the session the campers were introduced to the Pixel Press Floors app for designing video games.  Pixel Press Floors introduces children to basic design concepts by letting them create their own games. By drawing predefined shapes known as “glyphs," children are able create blueprints for their game that can be tested, designed, played, and shared with a global community in the arcade.