Campers Create Photo Projects with iMovie, PicCollage, and PhotoStory

RCET is excited to welcome our new campers to our Animation & Design Tools Camp for children ages 9 and over.  Across the week, the campers will explore several tools for creating a variety of digital media including animated stories, cartoons, comics, collages, games, posters, movies and videos. Today the campers kicked-off their first day by taking advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a walk on campus to visit  The Brain . Using the camera feature on the iPads, the campers captured photos and video of the sculptures, flowers, and trees around the Brain plaza and gardens. Once back in the AT&T Classroom, the campers were introduced to iMovie and the basic elements of video editing to create a short movie.


Later in today’s session, the campers used PicCollage on the iPads.  Pic Collage is a free app that can be used to create collages of photos on an iOS, Android or Kindle device. Following a quick overview of the PicCollage app, the campers used Pic Collage to create a collage of their campus photos. The campers were so proud of their projects and enjoyed viewing each camper’s videos and collages projected on the big screen and the Apple TV.

At the end of the session the campers were introduced to PhotoStory3 on the laptops. PhotoStory3 is a free Microsoft Office application that can be used to create a multimedia presentation from digital photos.  The application also allows the user to add text, sound effects, music, and a recorded-voice over to the project.