Campers Create Movies and Animations with ABCya Animate & Adobe Voice

Building from what they learned during the first session of the Animation & Design Tools Camp, the campers began today’s session by selecting a favorite tool from Day 1 to create and share a new project.  The campers also explored the trailer feature of iMovie which can be used to compile several video clips to create a Hollywood-style movie trailer.

 Later in the session, the campers were introduced to animation with ABCya Animate on the laptops.  ABCya Animate is designed to introduce young children to the basics of animation.  The interface offers several background themes to be used to create the animated scenes. Children are able to use the drawing tools to create their own pictures and can then select from the gallery of images and stickers to group and arrange in frames to create the animated picture. There is also a feature that allows the child to type text to add the story.

The campers ended the session with an introduction to the Adobe Voice iPad app. Adobe Voice is a free iPad app that allows you to record your voice, import pictures, and write text to create a short  story or presentation in the form of a video. The Adobe platform offers access to a huge gallery of more than 25,000 image, icons, and music tracks that can be inserted into the project. Completed projects can be published online via the Adobe platform and shared via email using the project URL.