Campers Create Animated Stories with KidPix 3D, Telestory & ABCYa Animate

Campers started their morning by exploring KidPix 3D to create animated art. KidPix 3D is a multimedia program that allows children to create digital projects and animated stories by drawing or painting. Children have access to multi-layered 3D backgrounds, 3D animations and 100 video backgrounds. Children are also able to add their own narration to their project. 

The campers also used two additional apps today to create digital stories. Telestory is a free iOS app designed to allow children to create and star in their own video story. The app has several themed templates with scenes, cue cards, and sound effects. Children can use the camera feature to insert themselves in the story and the microphone feature to add their own narration.

The campers also created digital stories on the laptops using ABCYa Animate. ABCYa Animate is designed to introduce young children to the basics of animation. Children are able to use the drawing tools to create their own pictures and can then select stickers to animate the picture. There is also a feature that allows the child to type text to add to their story.

One of the learning apps the campers explored today was Reading Monster Town I. The Reading Monster Town app series is designed to build children’s literacy by engaging them in word/sentence games that reinforce skills for vocabulary, comprehension and sentence structure.