Lights - Cameras- Action! Campers Produce LEGO WeDo Robotics Movies

Building from what they learned about working with video capturing and editing on Day 3, today the campers created their final LEGO video production. Each camper selected a specific LEGO model and created a video to explain the elements of the model and how the various bricks and elements worked together to bring movement and sound to the build. Campers took numerous photos of their build in order to create the stop motion effect. They also added additional special effects, sound, and text to their video using the features available in Lego Movie Maker.  The campers are all very proud of their work and looking forward to sharing the videos at home.  
If your child enjoyed creating the LEGO movie, they can explore more tools for creating stop motion animations and movies at our camp on Video Production and Stop Motion Animation, July 13-16, 1-3:30 p.m.