Junior Adventures in Coding in the AT&T Classroom

This afternoon kicked-off RCET’s Junior Adventures in Coding Camp for ages 6-8. Across the week the campers will explore a variety of applications and tools that  use a game-like format to introduce young children to the basics of computer programming. In today’s session, the campers started off exploring The Foos iPad app. Produced by CodeSpark, The Foos curriculum is based on research conducted by MIT and Exploring Computer Science and is designed to facilitate sequential thinking and problem recognition while targeting concepts such as loops, conditionals, commands and parameters. The Foos is multi-platform with free apps available for the Kindle Fire, iOS and Andriod tablets as well as for desktops. Later in today’s session, the children also explored a second app, Daisy the Dinosaur. The Daisy the Dinosaur app provides a challenge mode tutorial that shows the user how to use drag-and-drop steps to make the dinosaur move, jump, shrink and grow. There is also a free play mode in which users can design their own program to animate Daisy. At the end of today's session, the campers were introduced to Scratch Jr., a free iOS app designed for children ages 5-7. Developed by the MIT Media Lab, Scratch Jr. provides opportunities for young children to design their own projects and express themselves creatively by building their own games and interactive stories.