Campers Build Coding Skills with Code Monkey, Lightbot & Kodable

Today in their last session of Coding Adventures, the campers were introduced to three new tools for coding and programming. Campers started off the afternoon exploring Code Monkey, an online game that engages children with coding and programming concepts as they are participate in game play. The website offers new games and challenges to players each month.  
The campers were also introduced to Lightbot on the iPads. Lightbot is designed to introduce children to programming logic by engaging the child in solving developmentally appropriate puzzles. The app can be played on iPhones/iPads, Androids, and Kindles. 
Another iPad tool that the campers explored was Kodable. Similar to Code Monkey,  Kodable  also uses a game-like format to introduce children to the basics of computer programming. As children progress through the various levels, the game prompts them to “think like a programmer” to solve problems, and to utilize programming elements such as functions,  conditional statements and loops.

In addition to coding and programming skills, games such as these also offer important opportunities to children for further developing their creativity and problem solving skills as well as skills for divergent and higher order thinking.