Riverview First Graders Design Mother's Day Cards with PicCollage

Happy Mother's Day from RCET & the AT&T Classroom!
Last week in the AT&T Classroom the Riverview first graders created Mother's Day cards using PicCollage. Pic Collage is a free app that can be used to create collages of photos taken with your iOS device.  The children were busy all last week capturing photos at home of their mom using the camera feature on their iPod touches.  They also did a search for photos of their moms’ favorite things to add to the collage. At the end of the week in the AT&T Classroom, the first graders used the app on their itouch to design the photo card collage. The students spent a great deal of time selecting a special layout, background and just the right stickers and text to design their special cards. Finished cards were printed to give to mom and are also saved on the itouch camera roll to be shared digitally.