Echo Hills Fouth Graders Create Padlets on Ohio Canals and Railroads

The Echo Hills fourth graders were excited to welcome their principal Mr. Ulbricht who visited the AT&T Classroom this afternoon. The students were continuing their group work on the creation of their canals and railroads videos. Mr. Ulbricht was able to visit with each of the group and view the progress of their video production. Each group has a Padlet wall where they are posting their completed videos, along with facts and images found during their online research.  

Padlet is a web-based tool that functions as a virtual wall or bulletin board where people can post several forms of media including text, images,and videos. Padlet is a great tool to use for digitally storing and showcasing students' work. Once created, a Padlet wall can be shared via the wall’s unique URL and accessed through any device’s web browser.