Echo Hills Fourth Graders Practice Spanish with Adobe Voice

The Room 9 fourth graders were excited to have their Spanish teacher Senora Maurice join them this afternoon in the AT&T Classroom. The students engaged in conversational Spanish practice and recorded their practice using Adobe Voice. The fourth graders are experts with Adobe Voice after using it last week to create their Famous Ohioans projects and enjoyed sharing their expertise with Senora today to teach her how to use the app.  Senora Maurice introduced the activity by first having the students complete a template for their conversation piece that she shared with them in Google drive. After reviewing the basic elements of Adobe Voice, each student worked independently to record themselves conversing using the prompts provided by the template. Becoming orally conversant as you learn a second language requires repeated practice in verbalizing thoughts aloud so that students can become comfortable with how their voice sounds in another language. Using a tool such as Adobe Voice to speak and record the conversation allows much needed practice for both physically speaking the words aloud as well as an opportunity for the learner to develop an ear for better pronunciation by playing back and listening to the recordings.

Adobe Voice is a free iPad app for creating video presentation. The Adobe Voice platform offers capability for including text, images and audio as well as extensive options for customizing a project's layout, background, and special effects.  Completed projects can be published online via the Adobe platform and shared via email using the project URL.