Riverview First Graders Use ShowMe App to Create Earth Day Poems

ShowMe is a free iPad app that turns an iPad into an interactive whiteboard. Similar to the Educreations app, ShowMe can be used to create stories, animations, presentations, etc. The app allows the iPad to record the student’s voice and his/her writing and drawing which can be saved for playback and/or shared online. Users are also able to insert images by drawing or inserting a photo taken from the Internet or captured with the iPad camera. Today in the AT&T Classroom, Mrs. Nichols walked the students through the various features of the app and then first graders used the app for Read-to-Self  practice with Earth Day poems.  Students used the iPad camera to capture an image of their poem to insert into a new ShowMe project.  The students then inserted an image representative of the ideas in their poem. Some students used the search option within ShowMe to find an image from the web and others used the drawing feature of the ShowMe app to create their own  illustration of  the poem. Using the recording feature, the students were able to practice their reading fluency by capturing recordings as they read their poems with a partner.