Riverview First Graders Celebrate Earth Day with Augmented Reality Tool

Miss Kristen Fudale (SMFCS Academic Technology Specialist) joined the Riverview first graders in the AT&T Classroom today. As part of this week's focus on Earth Day, the students finished their work on their Spring poems and then Miss Fudale introduced the first graders to Chromville to create an augmented reality project related to the Earth Day theme.
Chromville is a free iOS/Android augmented reality app that brings childrens’ coloring pages to 3D life allowing students to use their coloring creations within the context of an on-screen game. The app offers a series of downloadable coloring template page. The pages are designed for ages 5-12 and tell the story of a distant world where color is fading away and characters are losing their power. The user’s challenge is to save the characters by adding color.  In one scenario, the first graders were faced with the challenge of making Earth-friendly decisions to save their plant character and make it grow.Once students finished coloring their page, they used the Chromville app on the iPad to scan their colored page, bringing their scene and characters to virtual life on the iPad screen as a 3D animation.
We are happy to report that the Riverview first graders saved the day! 
Thank you for joining us in the AT&T Classroom Miss Fudale!