Riverview First Graders Blog About Strategies for Nonfictional Text

The Riverview first graders have been reading nonfictional texts in their classroom. The ability to comprehend and write nonfictional text is integral to success in school and consequently it is an important focus of  literacy instruction in the primary grades. In order to read and write nonfiction content across subject areas, it is important that very young children are taught strategies for successfully navigating nonfictional text. This morning in the AT&T Classroom Mrs. Nichols used the daily blog as an opportunity to focus students’ attention to key features of nonfictional text. Each student logged on to KidBlog and replied to the teacher’s post, “We have been reading nonfiction texts. What features help you learn from these books?” The class had a rich discussion regarding specific key features such as labels, headings, photos, etc., and how such features can help the reader to focus on important information.