Echo Hills Fourth Graders Use Popplet to Organize Famous Ohioans Research

RCET is excited to welcome the Echo Hills Room 9 fourth graders to our program.The students will be in the AT&T Classroom through Friday, May 15th. On their first day in the AT&T Classroom the students learned to use Popplet to organize their research findings for their Famous Ohioans project.  Popplet is a free web-based application that can be used to create concept maps on an device with a web browser. A concept map is a graphical diagram that provides a visual representation of the relationship between concepts. Teachers often use concept maps as a strategy to facilitate students’ critical thinking and their ability to identify and understand similarities and differences among key concepts.  For this project, the students are using Popplet to capture and organize facts, thoughts, and images related to their famous Ohioan.