Echo Hills Fourth Graders Begin Spring Session in the AT&T Classroom

RCET is very excited to have with us in the AT&T Classroom Mrs. Jamie Delorenzo and her fourth graders from Echo Hills Elementary, Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools. The fourth graders started their afternoon session using KidBlog to reply to a science question posted by Mrs. Delorenzo. Each student  drafted a post in reply to the teacher post:  “What is energy? List and explain the two types of energy.” After posting their replies, the students shared and reacted to their classmates’ responses by projecting the posts on the presentation screen.

During their time here in the AT&T Classroom, the students will also explore various tools for coding and programming.  Mrs. Delorenzo introduced the topic with an informational video "Code Stars"
 and the students were introduced to basic elements of coding using the Hopscotch app on the iPads.   By playing with the app, the children were introduced to some of the basic terms and processes for writing a simple program to control the characters on the app and create movement and simple actions.