RCET Welcomes Streetsboro City Schools Campus Elementary to the AT&T Classroom

RCET is very excited to welcome Campus Elementary second graders and their teacher Ms. Annette Lomis to the AT&T Classroom.  This afternoon the students explored some of the iOS apps they will be using over the next six weeks. For reading practice, students used the Educreations app for their Daily 5 activity Read to Self. Educreations is a free app that allows the iPad to record the student’s voice and his/her writing and drawing which can be saved for playbackand/or shared online. Within the Educreations app, the students used the camera to take a photo of the assigned passage from their book then used the app’s microphone to record themselves reading the passage aloud. The app allows the students and teacher to be able to play back & listen to the passage to assess reading fluency.   Educreations can also be used to create stories, animations, presentations, etc.

The students also learned to use KidBlog on the ipads. 
Kidblog is a free site for creating and hosting student blogs designed specifically for use by K-12 teachers and students. The term Blog is short for Web Log and refers to an online space where a user can share information by posting text, images, audio, or video.  Providing opportunities for students to “blog” allows children to further develop their literacy skills while also providing them with authentic writing experiences. The second graders have a class blog where they are able to draft and share their writing with Ms. Lomis and their classmates.  Today each student drafted a post on the class blog in reply to a question prompt posted by Ms. Lomis about their reading passage.