Carlin First Graders Explore Interactive Whiteboard Tools in the AT&T Classroom

Today in the AT&T Classroom, the Carlin first graders explored two interactive whiteboard tools. First, the students used the ShowMe app on the iPads. ShowMe is a free iPad app that turns your iPad into an interactive whiteboard. Similar to the Educreations app, ShowMe can used to create stories, animations, presentations, etc. The app allows the iPad to record the student’s voice and his/her writing and drawing which can be saved for playback and/or shared online. You are also able to insert images by drawing or inserting a photo taken from the Internet or captured with your iPad camera. Today in the AT&T Classroom, Mrs. Duff walked the students through the various features of the app and then first graders used the app for phonics practice.    

The first graders also used the SMARTBoard for their poetry lesson. In addition to using the wall-mounted board, you can also download at no cost the the SMART Notebook software, which allows you to run all of the learning games and features that are used on a wall-mounted board.

The first graders also continued their coding quest and today were introduced to another coding tool -- Daisy the Dinosaur -- a free iOS app designed to introduce coding basics to young chilldren.