Lippman Second Graders Program with LEGO WeDo Robotics in RCET's AT&T Classroom

This week in the AT&T Classroom, our Lippman second graders worked with the LEGO WeDo Robotics system. LEGO WeDo combines traditional LEGO bricks with programming software to introduce basic elements of coding to young children. Across the week the children explored strategies for building and programming to create increasingly complex LEGO models. The children also posted updates daily on the class blog to highlight their most recent build.  

Providing opportunities for children to learn coding skills also fosters children’s abilities for mathematical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving.
Classroom sets of the system can be purchased directly from LEGO and individual kits can be purchased at various retail stores such as Toys 'R Us. There are a number of free web-based tools and apps available at no cost that can also be used to provide engaging and developmentally-appropriate coding and programming opportunities to young children including Hopscotch, Daisy the Dinosaur, Tynker, Scratch & Scratch Jr.