Fishcreek Third Graders Explore PowToon in the AT&T Classroom

During their third week in the AT&T Classroom, the Fishcreek third graders have been creating digital stories and video presentations. Fishcreek Academic Technology Specialist Miss Kristin Fudale worked with the third graders in the AT&T Classroom this week & introduced them to PowToon - a web-based tool for creating animated presentations and videos. PowToon provides drawings of people and objects that can be arranged on a blank canvas. Voice-over narration can also be added to create the final presentation. 
Creating multi-modal digital projects provides opportunities for children to use higher order thinking skills to organize and design the elements of the content. It also provides an opportunity for students to utilize auditory, verbal, visual, and kinesthetic modalities in combination to create a very personalized and meaningful product that reflects their learning.