RCET Welcomes Fishcreek Elementary to the AT&T Classroom

iPhone Screenshot 1RCET is excited to welcome to the AT&T Classroom  third grade teacher Mr. Josh Walters & his students from Fishcreek Elementary, Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools.  Today the students were given an orientation to the classroom and introduced to the tools that will be available to them over the next six weeks which include laptops, itouches, ipads, google Nexus 7 tablets, a SMARTBoard, a wall-mounted Boogie Board Jot 40 LCD eWriter, a 3-D stereoscopic visual display system, a digital presentation system, a document camera, and Apple TV. For their first assignment, students explored the itouches, ipads and laptops and were asked to select one app or tool to share with their classmates.  A favorite iOS app was  Drawing Pad HD, a free app that allows children to create their own scenes and drawings using magic glow chalk, brushes, pencils and stickers.