RCET Welcomes Walls Elementary Third Graders to the AT&T Classroom

Our first Fall session began in the AT&T Classroom this morning with teacher Kristin Blake & her third graders from Walls Elementary (Kent City Schools). Across the six weeks, the students will begin each morning by posting to their class blog. The term Blog is short for Web Log and refers to an online space where a user can share information by posting text, images, audio, or video.  Our third graders have a class blog where they are able to do their daily writing prompts and share their writing with Mrs. Blake and their classmates. Providing opportunities for students to “blog” allows children to further develop their literacy skills while also providing them with authentic writing experiences.  Mrs. Blake’s class blog is hosted on the KidBlog
site, a free blogging site designed specifically for use by K-12 teachers and students.