Guess My Rock

Continuing with their investigation of rocks, the Walls third graders used the iPad camera and Google drive to create a Guess My Rock game. The class took iPads with them on a walk around the Kent State campus and captured photos of a variety of different rocks. Back in the AT&T Classroom, the photos were uploaded to the Google drive photo gallery. From there students each selected one of their rock photos and responded to a series of questions about that rock’s features to guide them in developing clues about their rock:
  • What characteristics are special about your rock?
  • What color is it?
  • Does it look heavy? Does it look light?
  • Are there large grains or small grains?
  • Does it look like it is layered?
Students were then paired with a partner to play Guess My Rock. One student would provide clues about his/her rock while the partner scrolled through the Google photo gallery to try to find the rock that matched those clues.