Cornerstone Third Graders Publish Poems with UtellStory

As a follow-up to yesterday’s visit to the Wick Poetry Center, this morning in the AT&T Classroom the Cornerstone third graders formatted and published their poems using UtellStory, a free web-based tool for creating multimedia projects. The tool allows you to create a digital project composed of slides that can include photos, text, audio narration and music. Yesterday at the Wick Poetry Center the students drafted the text of their poems using the Memo app on their Samsung Galaxy tablets and then uploaded their poems to Google drive when they returned to the AT&T Classroom. Today the students prepared their poems for publication using the tools feature to add photos and backgrounds, customize their poem’s font and record themselves reading the poem. Students shared their poems via Google Classroom with Mrs. Hawes and are also able to access and share their poems from any device with a web browser by logging in to the UtellStory website.